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26 May 2008 @ 10:31 am
I'm gonna post some caps of Ai Ai Gasa PV..
I know its kinda late already but I can't help it okay?! XDD
I'm gonna be a Tego fangirl again....I can sense it..

Massu is concentrating..

I made new GIFs.. gonna post them later ^_^
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20 May 2008 @ 07:44 am
I watched it yesterday and I really enjoyed it. <33
UMP making was also good but DCT is funnier and cuter ♥
Yabu was cute. he was like a child.. playing with the toys and stuff XD
Oh, and when did Takaki become so CUTE?!
I kept on repeating the part he was making those cute&funny faces
..now I understand why Hasshi loves you so much XD
Takaki playing the toy car was so cute ♥ his laugh was adorable too~
Takaki, WHY ARE YOU SO ADORABLE?! **dies**
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15 May 2008 @ 11:18 am
hahaha~ just finished reading [wink up] 04.2008 - johnny's jrs - gaiety translation.
thanks to
[info]yakusho for translating it ^^

Fukasawa, sa, he does a lot of stuff suddenly ne? Like while we're walking in the street and he's listening to music with his earphones, he'll suddenly start singing in a loud voice (*laugh*)
Abe He does! What's more, it's the intense types like A.B.C.'s 『Crush』. The other day it was Kisumai's 『Fire Beat』, he was pretty intense (*laugh*)
Nozawa And with the dance too, ne.
Fukasawa ······that's enough for me (heartbroken and depressed at the exposing of his behavior).

LMAO! this is one of the best translations everr XD
I can't imagine Fukka singing and dancing Fire Beat O___O
that would be... too good to be true XDD
how I wish I could be a member of MADE so I could see Fukka's version of Fire Beat. LOL
agj9[*/'rsijvhjk I swear I'm gonna die if I see Fukka performing that in SC
Fukka +  Sexy dance **dies**
I'm imagining things too much *_*

I'm gonna talk about Shota Watanabe now. lol
Even though it looks like I'm only paying attention to Fukka when MADE is back dancing,
well.. it's probably not true. XD 'cause I also notice this guy
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12 May 2008 @ 08:07 am
at last.. I'm back~ yey! XD
It's so good to be back ^_^
I had fun in the province but I think I could never live there even for 1 week.
anyways, I enjoyed the trip going to our province even though it was all bumpy and my body ached so much
I've been to so many places since it was a land trip ^_^
the one that attracted me most is the San Juanico Bridge. It was so beautiful~ ♦
I've seen Mayon volcano too (its from Bicol but I've seen it okay?! XD)
see, the trip was very long. and I just slept most of the time XDD

well it was a good experience for me. and I'm so glad that I was born here in the city.
life in the province is too hard. I'm sure I would've gotten crazy if I stayed longer.

yes~ I've watched yesterday's shokura. and it was SO amazing. ^_^
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06 May 2008 @ 10:47 am
So this is actually the first entry in my blog..
Actually, I didn't want to post anything for today (or maybe even for the next days to come XD)
coz I'm too lazy to think about something to post..
but then I remembered Tatsuya Fukasawa; aka Fukka, whose birthday was yesterday..

Well for those who doesn't know yet, Fukka is my favorite junior of all the hottest juniors around..
Even though he's only a back-up dancer for the other juniors..
Even though they don't give him any solo lines for him to sing..
Even though the only time I heard his voice was in junior ni Q back in 2005..
Even though most of the people doesn't know anything about him..
Even if other people don't even bother to try notice him..
Even though not everyone pays any attention on him while he's dancing..
Even though he isn't one of the best..
 I still love him <3

so yeah, I love him a lot.. and I forgot it was his birthday yesterday =_=
I have a reason for that (maybe a dumb reason for you guys so I won't say it anymore XDD)
but as what other people says, "it's better late than never", right? ^_^
so happy birthday to Fukka~!
I hope your birthday was as special as you are. ♥♥
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