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♪◦◦ Powdered Snow ◦◦♪

Be strong, go forward, move ahead..


I'm Ma-chan. A fifteen year-old girl from the Philippines.
I love JE; especially Arashi, Hey! Say! JUMP & the juniors ♥
I also love listening to Remioromen & ERIKA.
I love flailing and fangirling with my friends ^_^
I love chatting.
I might look like a shy type of person but when I talk about JE related stuffs with my friends, I become REALLY hyper.

I'm a friendly person, but I can be evil sometimes this rarely happens though. XD lol
I also love animes. I'm currently addicted to Shugo Chara. Animes I liked/loved are Card Captor Sakura, Kyo Kara Maoh, Lovely Complex and lots, lots more.

If you want to add me, please, please, please comment here and I'll add you back. If you don't, there are chances that I might add you I rarely add people who don't comment on that post.

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